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10 Simple Ways To Start Living A More Natural Life

10 Simple Ways to start living a more Natural Life

Are you considering making a positive shift in your life? Then, living more of an all-natural life is an obvious choice. It is not just about looking for particular products. That is just the tip of the iceberg. A natural lifestyle is a deeper change in your behavior, attitude, and way to see your life.

You have to create awareness of your surroundings, and how your actions impact other people and living creatures. It is a different mentality and a healthier lifestyle. You get the opportunity to connect with your inner being and create a deeper consciousness.

Not sure where to start? Here are 10 simple ways to start living a more all-natural lifestyle.

  1. Buy Organic Products

    There is a broad line of  organic products.  You can find clothing, bedding, soaps, bath oils, makeup and other organic brands. Certified Organic products are in line with an all-natural lifestyle because they avoid the use of dangerous chemical pesticides that can be harmful to your health and home.

  2. Swap out store-bought chemical-filled skincare products for more natural options

    The rule for your skincare products is simple: avoid chemicals and fragrances. Check the labels of your current skincare products and verify if they have unnecessary substances. If they do, then change them. Check before you shop for your next products, or even best, do it yourself. There are many recipes to create natural creams using natural oils. This is one way you will assure the quality of your skincare products.

  3. Use Seasonal Products

    Seasonal products are fresher and cheaper. If you are changing to an all-natural lifestyle, then it is all right to save some money. Be wise, and not just buy them for immediate consumption. You may process the fruits and vegetables at home to enjoy them throughout the year. For example, the most basic way would be just to freeze them or you can learn how to can using a pressure cooker. However, you may prepare some delicious meals to twist their presentation and make them last more. Jellies and marmalades are an excellent choice.

  4. Buy your Fruits & Veggies from local Farmers

    Local farmers cultivate their vegetables and take pride in finished product as well as the growing process. Supermarkets get their fruits and vegetables from mass-produced processes that are only focused on color, size, taste and profits. The organic-labeled products are farmed the old way, with no harmful chemicals. However, advertising as “organic” requires a certification, and most likely, the supermarket will raise the price of such products to accommodate the extra costs involved. The best way to go all natural is to look for local farmers. They may not label their products as organic, but they are still following the organic rules.  Just make sure to ask each individual farmer if they are using pesticides in their growing process.  Many of them are happy to tell you their farming practices. Get to know them and how they are cultivating your vegetables.

  5. Don’t eat Processed Foods and Go Natural

    Food is what nourishes your body from the inside. When you chose processed food to fill your diet, you are leaving on the table a whole bunch of nutrients that come from natural alternatives. Besides, there is a higher risk of eating harmful chemicals. In the long run, they will cause severe disorders to your body.

  6. Take care of your Body

    One of the best ways to prevent diseases is simply to take care of your body. Simple actions can change your life forever. You just need some discipline and will. For example, getting daily exercise of an hour or more a day and getting 8 hours of sleep and reduce those things that cause you stress. These simple actions will make a huge difference in your life, and your body will know that you are taking good care of it.  Don’t wait until something goes wrong because some things cannot be reversed easily once they are in motion.  Take good care of your body now.

  7. Use Alternative Medicine

    For ages, our ancestors used what we now call alternative medicine. In fact, it was the only medicine two hundred years ago. It worked, and the most common diseases were combated with it. They survived, and we are now determined to ingest chemicals for the simplest health conditions. Avoid western traditional medicine and the new wave doctors unless you have an emergency situation and need life-saving intervention. Use alternative medicine first. It is true that not all diseases can be cured with it, but those that have proved remedies are worth trying.

  8. The 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

    To become all-natural, you have to start reducing your waste consumption. Then, reusing things like glass bottles to make decorative table pieces or farm decor and washable re-usable bags. Another option is transforming waste into usable items with do-it-yourself projects. Finally, if the waste is inevitable, recycle. Purchase recycle bins like these and you’ll be more likely to recycle if the bins are in full view in your home.  You may also recycle organic waste using a composter bin like this one, or give waste food for people to animals.

  9. Meditate

    Connect with your true self to start an all-natural path by getting alone each day whether it’s just sitting by yourself or using guided meditation like these. Keep your mind open and make connections with the life around you. You will see things that were unnoticed and will be able to balance a healthier more natural lifestyle better.

  10. Cook fresh food

    Fresh All Natural Food
    Only cook your meals with fresh food. It is healthier than eating prepared food, and it is one of the best ways to live an all-natural lifestyle. If you are cultivating and eating the product from your personal farm or garden, then it is even better. That way you are the sole one responsible for the products of your farm or garden and know exactly what is in your food. Do not hesitate to share with others when you plant fruits, vegetables and greens. Most likely you are going to have more products than you will need for personal use. You will be surprised at how many people are interested in buying or exchanging products with you.

Comment and Share below with other readers some ways that you have made small changes to start living a more natural lifestyle.

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