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All Natural Home & Health is an online publication helping Americans change how they live, prevent illness, eat and choose safer natural products to replace old toxic habits. We supply our
readers with the best all natural information, how-to’s and whole food recipes, along with recommendations for all natural, non-toxic, and sustainably-made products and brands.  All Natural Home & Health strives to be a trusted source of what is closest to nature in a world of increasing toxicity and chemical burden.

The site was launched in 2016 by Jennifer Cannon (Parker).  All Natural Home & Health was inspired by Jennifer’s own journey of growing up in a typical American (toxic) lifestyle and by experiencing a tragic environmental experience in 2010 which caused her serious health conditions in her late 30’s.  As a result of this illness journey she uncovered the truth behind America’s medical system, food supply and consumer products industries–pulling back the curtain on how America’s lifestyle of trusting mainstream medical, eating packaged food and buying toxic products was clearly the cause of so many Americans who are walking around “SICK” every single day with no answers.

Today’s generation is being fooled; they are getting symptom management and told they are getting cures; their food supplies are being poisoned and tainted and yet they are told that it is safe; they are being lied to about what toxins are in their home products and personal care products and they are demanding answers and alternatives by putting their dollars into ways that sustain a healthy life and not destroying it too early. They want clean food the way nature intended, all natural beauty alternatives without the toxicity, all natural wellness without polluting their bodies with dangerous drugs, and quality all natural home products they can trust to be safe for their families. All Natural Home & Health has all the help, information and advice to transition you from a modern toxic life to a more traditional all natural lifestyle.

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All Natural Home & Health is supported by advertising. It’s what pays our bills and keeps the lights on. If you want to advertise or would be interested in having us be a part of your affiliate program for your all-natural and non-toxic product please email us to get in touch!

Product Reviews
You may notice that we endorse brands, include links to affiliate products and brands, and do product reviews and from time to time. If we are paid for it, we will let you know it’s a sponsored post or video. We only review products that are in line with All Natural Home & Health’s values. If you have a product and are interested in reaching out to our all natural community, feel free to email us.[/vc_cta]

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